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Trick Training
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Trick Training

Tricks available, please note not all dogs are capable of performing certain tricks.

Pending if your dog has the right body frame/structure


Here are the tricks available

Give left paw

Give right paw

Bang Bang play dead


Wave bye bye

Walk on hind legs

Sit pretty



Choose item from a distance anything
without dogs knowledge of item

Shake head

Shake body

Catch balls,frisbees, cookies etc..

Criss cross between your legs on a walk

Cross paws when lying down

Hold items

Come around you and sit between your legs

Kiss, and point where you want the dog to kiss

Lick clean her own face

Read obedience commands visually only from a sheet of paper

Walk backwards as you walk forward simultaneously


Stand on hind legs

Dance on hind legs in a circle

Hold still with cookie on top of muzzle or head or paw

Hold still with cookie on top of head

Hold still with cookie on top of elevated paw

Bow down



Hula hoops

Run up your leg while you sit

Jump over your arm

Jump over a stick that's in your hands

For any other trick please just ask us





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